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Desoil Logistics Company Limited is a legal entity, certified under the Company Act of Ghana and licensed. Our Projected is focused on providing quality cutting-edge lubricant solutions to the Mining, Oil & Gas, Marine, Energy, Manufacturing, Agricultural and Construction sectors as well as users of all heavy equipment and all kind of  vehicles. We distribute and deliver high-performance and efficiency inducing lubricants that benefit our customers in critical areas of high productivity, cost reduction and durability of all equipment.

Who we are

Let Us Work While You Unwind

Our suppliers continuously work to develop the products that keep your operations running smoothly now and into the future. They work closely with manufacturers in their research and development to deliver the products needed for the best efficiency in any condition or application. We proudly carry the very best products made and can supply the right lubricant for virtually any specification or service application.

Vessels Supply

Offering a comprehensive range of marine specific lubricants for air and gas compressors, bearings and circulation systems. We provide marine lubricants designed to help optimize your marine operations.

Industries Supply

Construction, manufacturing, and mining industries rely on on-time delivery. We provide lubricants and greases that keep all of moving parts running smoothly. And our food grade lubricants are certified safe.

Auto & Logistics Supply

As engines have changed to be smaller and more efficient, they run hotter. Island Oil & Supply carries motor oils, transmission fluids and grease and lubricants for today’s automotive requirements.

Get Your Machine and Engine a healthy Service

We understand the time and ranges to get such services, We supply all logistics at your doorstep. 

Service Areas

For more than 8 year Desoil Company  has been the distributor of oils, lubricants, and greases that have kept Ghanaian’s industries running smoothly. Desoil is now a company serving customers throughout the state of Ghana.

Mining Supply

Whether you’re mining for minerals, metals, oil sands or coal, you expect your equipment to perform reliably and efficiently to maximize production, protect the environment and ensure a safe operation.

Construction Oil Supply

From bulldozers, dump trucks and draglines to scrapers and shovels, all construction equipment is subject to harsh conditions.

Industrial Lubricants Supply

First, let us look at what we are trying to accomplish with a lubricant. At its most microscopic layer, no matter the piece of equipment, we are simply trying to separate.

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